Anoa Changa is an attorney, activist and most importantly, mom in Atlanta, GA who serves with Democracy for America in electoral activism and grassroots organizing. She has hosted her own show on YouTube and Podcast called The Way with Anoa, has guest hosted and appeared regularly on the Benjamin Dixon Show, and is a board member for ProgressiveArmy.com and MediaRevolt.org.

Michael Salamone is an artist, activist, former newspaper columnist and editor, occasional pundit and a student of religion who feels a calling to preach Christian Socialism from Chautauqua, NY. He used to have a podcast some people liked called Salamone. He fancies himself a songwriter primarily even if nobody else does. He is the founder of MediaRevolt.org and a behind-the-scenes sorcerer for a lot of folks and causes.

Anoa & Michael became friendly during the 2016 primaries, and got to see that famous punching of Richard Spencer together in person. That sort of joy bonds you forever.

Though they’d both been guests on each other’s previous shows, WTTCA (Welcome to the Conversation, *******) is their first official collaborative effort in broadcasting and citizen journalism.

Oh, and because somebody always accuses anyone trying to fund a pet project like this of capitalism… Yes, there is merch and fundraising on this website. Unfortunately making this show isn’t free. And if you know Anoa or Michael, you know any miracle of profit after paying for it would go right back into the communities they serve. Neither are doing this to make themselves into a brand. They both feel a calling to use their voices. The hope is there is a message, and if folks enjoy participating in that message, the show can be self-sustaining. If you have beef with creative fundraising, just don’t give. Somebody who can and gets it will.  Hopefully. But everybody hopes you enjoy the show no matter how you feel about that.

More importantly, thanks to all of the good people out there digging in and doing the work, despite everyone having real lives and most real lives being a struggle. Solidarity. See you in the streets.